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Mr. Jalep's Sweet Heat Candied Jalapeños

  • A Scrumptious Snack: Ritz cracker, cream cheese or smoked fish spread and your favorite Mr. Jalep's Jalapeno flavor .

  • Amazing in your grilled cheese sandwich!

  • Use in cornbread - see our delicious Sweet Heat cornbread recipe - YUM!

  • Enhance your Bloody Mary (as seen in the Florida Cane Vodka Jose Bloody Gaspar Bloody Mary Recipe)

  • Use Mr. Jalep's in place of regular raw or pickled jalapenos to add a unique sweet heat experience!


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Miss Piggies Candied Bacon Rub

  • Try our candied bacon recipe (below). 

  • Add Miss Piggie's candied bacon crumbled on top of a salad or on deviled eggs.

  • Top off a baked sweet potato for that  irresistible sweet potato casserole flavor - why wait for the holiday's?

  • Try a candied bacon BLT = best. sandwich. ever.

  • Mix some pineapple juice with Miss Piggie's to make a phenomenal glaze on your next holiday ham!

  • Add candied bacon to elevate your breakfast sandwich

  • Replace that boring sugar cube in an old fashioned with Miss Piggie's for a unique taste sensation!

  • The perfect spice rub for smoking meats does exist!



Mr. Jalep's Sweet Heat Glaze

  • Use as a marinade, or as a glaze when grilling - GREAT on your grilled salmon! 

  • Add some to your favorite dirty martini or spice up your margarita

  • Step up your potato or egg salad game by mixing in some Amazing Glaze.

  • Add into collards or your greens before serving


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 recipes with 
Mr. Jalep's 

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Mr.Jalep's Sweet Heat Cornbread Recipe

Mr.Jalep's Sweet Heat Cornbread Recipe

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Image by Wright Brand Bacon

lets get cooking with ...


Miss Piggies 



Ingredients :
Thick Center-cut bacon & Miss Piggie's Candied Bacon Rub

• Preheat oven to 325º
• Cover the sheet pan with tin foil or parchment paper
• Place cookie cooling rack on top of sheet pan 
• Put about 1/4 jar of bacon rub onto a plate for every 4-6 slices of  bacon
• Completely cover both sides of the bacon by pressing/rubbing it into the rub
• Place coated bacon on the cooling rack - do not overlap!
• Bake for 25-30 minutes  
• Allow to cool before enjoying as the bacon will caramelize!


Miss Piggie's 
Crispy Candied Bacon Recipe

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Contributed by Ms. Kim 


recipe followed by
Michael & Jan Bienz!

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